Shortbread Biscuits (Pack of 10)

Our homemade, all butter shortbreads are soft and crumbly, melt in your mouth delights. Available for collection and local delivery our pack of 10 shortbread biscuits are the perfect indulgence. 

Originating from Scotland, shortbread biscuits have been made since the 12th century, however, most people attribute these tasty treats to the 16th century during Mary Queen of Scots reign. Traditionally formed in one of three shapes, we produce our shortbreads in individual round biscuits, better known as shortbread rounds, as we believe this makes the best…

With our meticulous attention to detail here at Grant’s Bakery you can be assured that all 10 biscuits are the same size and shape, so in case you fancy sharing these mouth-watering shortbread biscuits with your family or friends there shouldn’t be any arguments… until the packets empty of course. 

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This item is available for delivery locally and nationally, and for collection from the shop